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Buy A Boat

Buy a boat seems simple, however many factors need to go into your decision.

  • There are pontoon boats available for every activity and any budget.  
  • What is it that you need?

What do you want?

  • Are you mainly interested in fishing?  
  • Do you want a party boat for entertaining?  
  • Do you want a fast boat for skiing or tubing?  
  • How we can help?


You will want to look at the features like fishing chairs, built-in tackle boxes, fish finders and live wells.  


You will want a pontoon boat designed with plenty of seating, tables, and maybe even a bar.  

Water Fun

Do you need luxury, comfort and the performance of a speed boat.  We specialize in pontoon boats designed for skiing, tubing or wakeboard

Pleasure Cruising

At Rhynard’s Pontoons we offer a wide array of pleasure cruising models for those of you who find yourself taking a nightly sunset cruise. Keep it simple, contact us.

Do I need a boat for calm or rough water?

Standard pontoon boats are ideal for inland lakes.  

However, if your boat is going to be consistently exposed to very rough water, you should consider this before purchase.  Ask any member of the Rhynard’s Pontoons team to help guide you – we are here to help and we welcome any questions – call us (616) 754-7634.


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