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Paddle King

Paddle King is ideal for the family looking for summer fun. Made In Michigan the entire line of low-pro pontoons and paddle boats meet and exceed your needs. Whether you opt for the cruiser or the angler, the low-pro pontoons offer lots of walk-around room and stability.  making them ideal whether you are cruising or fishing your favorite lake.

Safe, durable, low-maintenance

Rhynard’s Pontoons love these boats for their safety, durability, low-maintenance and let us not forget… great exercise. Choose from a 12-foot two-person model or the four-person, 820-pound capacity model.

  • Responsive steering,
  • a non-slip deck,
  • double, six-bladed paddles, making it a cinch to use.  
  • high-quality, marine-grade materials, made to withstand years of use.
  • Hand-built in Michigan 

Swim Rafts

  • Large 7′ x 8′ platform – four aluminum tubes make the raft very stable. Larger sizes available (ex. 7′ x 10′, 7′ x 12′, 7′ x 12′, etc.).

  • Choice of flooring includes premium blue, tan, or grey marine carpet, or solid tan or or solid grey marine vinyl.

  • Stainless steel fasteners & hardware for durability.

  • Marine-grade decking

  • Sits low to the water for easy access and greater stability; pontoons are 12″ diameter.

  • Optional snap-on mooring cover 

  • Quick-release three-step aluminum ladder with wide, non-slip steps comes standard; extra ladders are available.

  • Approximate weight is 230 lbs. for the 7′ x 8′ raft.

Floating Docks

Floating Docks are perfect for soft lake bottoms and deep water installations.

  • Installation and take out is unequaled by standard dock systems

  • 4′ or 6′ wide

  • Dock sections are available in 20′, 30′ and 40′ lengths. Custom lengths also available.

  • Mooring poles have augers that “drill” down into the bottom of the lake; the shore end of the dock is anchored using a shore auger. Poles are available  in any length up to 20′.

  • The 4′ wide docks have 2 full-length pontoon tubes; the 6′ wide docks have 3 full-length pontoon tubes.

  • Made with “teak” color vinyl plank decking. Tube diameter is 12″; tubes are .065 50/52 marine grade aluminum.

  • 3-step quick-release aluminum dock ladder optional.

  • 4 ft. long approach is also available Contact Rhynard’s for more information.

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Paddle King paddle boats, swim rafts, and Lo Pro pontoons…available now at Rhynard’s Pontoons of Greenville.  Come and explore… we are here to help.  Have a question contact us at (616) 754-7634

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