Paddle Quest

Paddle Qwest is clean, green, fun, healthy and the first and only compact pontoon boat with pedal power.    With modern pontoon amenities and riverboat-style paddle wheel, it is easy to use, provides plenty of room for guests and gear, and is surprisingly powerful enough to handle in any water.

Rear mounted paddle wheel

Propelled by a rear mounted paddle wheel, it is fun and easy to use. Available with either a manual/electric pedal option or a strictly manual pedal option for those interested in getting their cardio while on the water. If you get tired of peddling, opt for the 24-volt electric drive package!

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For MODELS & SPECIFICATIONS go to their website.  Save the data and contact Rhynard’s Pontoon’s to make your purchase. Visit Rhynard’s Pontoons and explore what Paddle Qwest has to offer – a fun and healthy way to spend your day on the water.  Keep it simple, have a question contact us at (616) 754-7634